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Follow Your Dream.

Pirelli asked us to make their Metzeler 888 tire the number one choice for motorcyclists as well as increasing their presence on social media. So we created Follow Your Dream. Using Facebook, Youtube and Instagram we challenged motorcyclists to compete for the ultimate riding experience: To ride a custom built masterpiece. On a legendary route. On a set of Metzleler 888’s.

The Dream Team.

First step was to build the dream ride. So we teamed up with Indian Larry Motorcycles, the greatest custom shop in the country.


“2 iconic brands, Metzeler and builder Indian Larry, come together to build a priceless custom motorcycle”

- Cyril Huze

Building the Dream.

Facebook followers voted on the look and style of the bike. We then created twelve short films documenting the build, which were then promoted on Facebook and Youtube.

Follow Your Dream Update: Metal, machine, and tires.

Metal, rubber, and a glimpse of what's to come.

Posted by Metzeler on Friday, May 16, 2014
Follow Your Dream Chapter 12: The Paint Job

Watch a true artist at work paint the Follow Your Dream motorcycle.

Posted by Metzeler on Friday, July 11, 2014
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Choosing the Dreamer.

Our winner Brad, (complete with Indian Larry tattoo) showed enough passion to beat the thousdands of submissions from around the world. He’d ride alongside the Indian Larry bike builders, including chief hell-raiser, Bobby Seeger Jr.

The Dream Route.

With so many iconic routes in the US it was tough choosing just one. In the end followers voted to start at the epic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and journey along the legendary ???????.