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The Legendary Giveback.

Cheerwine came to us with a rather specific goal. Help us expand distribution from a regional level to a national one. What we quickly found out was that Cheerwine had a pretty good following despite it's scarcity. It had become a true Legend of the South and to show appreciation for such loyalty, we decided it'd be nice to giveback a bit. For one night only Cheerwine and The Avett Brothers teamed up for an unforgetable night of music. We gave out tons of tickets, and raised a load money and volunteer hours for 3 special charities but we also proved that Cheerwine was ready for the national stage.

Takes one to know one.

The Avett Brothers were huge fans of Cheerwine and Cheerwine was an equally huge fan of the Avetts so the joining of these two Southern Legends was a no-brainer.


The Hunt For a Legend.

Scattered across multiple markets, we hid 6 golden tickets. However, these cans were more than just a way in. Each one had a custom illustration done by the Avett Brothers. People were getting some real legendary soft drinks. 

With the help of Charles Crisler we turned every 12 pack into an announcement for the show.


Those That Gave, Received.

In keeping with the spirit of giving, we offered up a live stream of the concert for those that could not attend. By pledging voluteer time, fans were given an access code.


The Swagiest of Swag.

What kind of concert would it be without the momentos? We created T shirts, posters, hats and, most impressive, two custom banjos. One for the band and one for a lucky facebook fan.

The Website.

We created a single page site to house all info regarding the Legendary Giveback.