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Never Be Powerless.

When a power giant and a breatkthrough wireless technology love eachother very much they make beautiful things. In this case it was a wireless charging hotspot. Duracell Powermat had begun to outfit popular destinations with these built-in power hubs. Locations included JFK and LGA airports, Madison Square Garden, The Barclay Center and the 40/40 Club. They came to us to get the word out, which meant TV and web video. It also meant Jay-Z, who happens to be an investor and a believer.

Taking Their Name.

The acquisition meant marrying these two brand identities. Luckily, the iconic Duracell copper and the electric green of Powermats palette play well together. The icon itself became a beacon for wireless power.

Got Power? Use It.

Since we were promoting an untethered lifestyle, it made sense to have some mobile strategy involved. Our solution was a classic interaction that not only entertained but also reinforced our mission of cutting cords.

Opening The Doors For Powermat.

Even before Duracell, Powermat had been making large strides towards improving wireless charging technology. These sliding doors were one installment in a very large takeover of NYC airports, JFK and Laguardia.